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Mistakes People Make in dealing with Back Pain. for healthy back

In working with tens of thousands of clients over the years, we here at the Healthy Back Institute have found there are a number of common mistakes people make in trying to find relief from back pain.
I would like you to read all about 7 mistakes I have identified and consider which of these mistakes you are making and how they relate to you and the way you have been treating your back pain.
Here are all seven of these back pain mistakes – in video.  After watching the video, Here is what you must do.

Here’s what you need to do:

1. If what you’re doing isn’t working…STOP!
Whatever treatment you’re trying, you must see steady improvement. Otherwise, you need to make a change.
2. Deal with the problem NOW
Waiting will only make things worse.
3. Recognize that fit people have muscle imbalances, too
Athletes, in fact, may actually be at greater risk.
4. Treat the symptoms AND the cause
Getting rid of pain is not the way to long term relief.
5. Remember, it’s a process
Your condition didn’t happen overnight, and it’s not going to go away overnight.
6. Be open-minded and positive
If you try something new and believe it will work, then it just might. Negative thoughts guarantee failure.
7. Take control and take action
Don’t go to a doctor and sit there with your mouth shut. If they throw a word at you that you don’t understand – ask what it means.
In the end, the power is in your hands… Take action and take control.  To get you started on your action plan, I recommend that you get your free copy of my book, The Seven Day Back Pain Cure below: